Why is Sneha a coaching institute of choice?

Sneha Institutions has been chosen by students who made it to great junior colleges, medical & engineering colleges, year over year. Why is Sneha a coaching institute of choice?

Foremost, Sneha has 28 long years of experience in coaching for state & national level entrance exams and board syllabus and has been delivering excellent results since 1990. We are the only institute in Nagpur with 5 branches. Also since we are from Nagpur we are well aware of the education scenario in the city and therefore we can implement the changes in syllabus and or exam pattern more conveniently which has helped our students in the past.

Prof. Bondre and expert faculty of Sneha with their joint wisdom have created scientifically designed packages which have helped the students succeed fantastically.

Special Batches: Sneha is the only institute in Nagpur running special batches for CBSE XI and XII. Prof. Rajanikant Bondre has designed a unique study package for CBSE XI and XII students. He realized that CBSE students shift to state board after their X board exams as there is a) Mismatch in timings of CBSE colleges and coaching classes b) No separate coaching for XI and XII syllabus. These problems have been addressed in the unique study package and CBSE students don’t have to shift to state board and they can work on all three parameters i.e. coaching, college and self study.

Faculty: We have biggest expert faculty to teach at different levels. They have 5 to 25 years of experience and are known to produce excellent results.

Study Material: Quality study material prepared by expert faculty and R & D team is provided to students.

Daily Practice Sheets and Home Assignments: We provide daily practice sheets and home assignments to students. The faculty team takes feedback to ensure that taught concepts are clear to students.

Exam and Result Discussions: Weekly and monthly exams are conducted as per schedule and answer key is discussed with students so that they are guided on their mistakes. Also question twisting pattern is followed in exams which help students understand the concept very well. CEO himself discusses the results with students and motivates them.

Interaction with Parents: Exam results are informed to parents via SMS. This way they are informed about progress of their wards. Parents are free to come in the institute and discuss the progress of their wards. If teachers feel that a student is lagging in studies and not doing home study we call the parents and by proper counseling ensure that the student does home study and not deviate from his goal.

Final Test Series and Doubt Clearing: We take board level test series in two parts: a) group test b) full test. In group test students revise the whole syllabus and gets his doubt cleared with faculty and then appears for full test. This test series is very important for scoring in final exam.

Rank Promoting Package: We also identify deserving students and offer them rank promoting package for getting better rank in their entrance exam.

Motivational Programme: National level entrance exams like IIT-JEE, NEET along with X, XII board exams keep students busy day and night and this comes with lot of physical plus mental stress. Hence in addition to regular studies we arrange motivational programmes to keep them motivated.

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